Sunday, April 21, 2013

NBA Playoffs Schedule 2013: In case you are in the Philippines

Not that much excitement this time here in the Philippines as the NBA Playoffs Schedule is underway. The absence of Kobe Bryant will affect the interest of the NBA fans here. Filipinos have been inloved by the acrobatic moves of Bryant the same way they were enthralled by Michael Jordan in the 90's. Filipinos loved those two players and this is the NBA Playoffs without them. However, the nation will be routing for Miami Heat probably. Not because of LeBron James but our very own Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra. Of course the fascination of watching LeBron James always attracts millions. A replica of Bryant or Jordan? How about the flashy game of Kevin Durant? Will he fill the void that Bryant left? Because the popularity of Kobe Bryant in the Philippines, millions will still tune in their television to watch the Los Angeles Lakers. How will the Lakers subdue the power of the San Antonio Spurs? How will coach Mike D'Antoni uses his two big guys? The enthusiasm in this game is to high that it need not to be neglected at all. Everybody wants to see the aging Tim Duncan against Dwight Howard at his prime. How about the strategy of fouling Dwight Howard? Hack-a-Howard? In terms of being emotional, we love to see the Miami Heat winning back-to-back. We want Spoelstra to be mentioned as a Filipino of course. While the rest of the country are too much engrossed by the May 13 election, the sports lovers will tune in to the NBA Playoff Games. Watching NBA Playoffs Games in the Philippines is not complicated as watching boxing. Through cable and satellite providers, Filipinos can watch the NBA games. Check your provider if NBA channel is available. Also, ABS CBN will cover the NBA Playoffs, though some games might be televised in delayed basis. Some of the my friends are watching the NBA Playoffs live online stream. I don't have the idea how to do that but they told me it is possible. Moreover, today is Sunday and the NBA games will be live Monday. Here's the NBA Playoffs Schedule live Philippine time Atlanta Hawks vs Indiana Pacers at 1:00 AM Monday Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs, 3:30 AM Monday Milwaukee Bucks vs Miami Heat, 7:00 AM Monday Houston Rockets vs Oklahoma City Thunder, 9:30 AM Monday It is more likely that ABS-CBN will capture the Rockets vs Thunder live while the rest will be in a delayed telecast.

Friday, April 12, 2013

How to watch Donaire vs Rigondeaux live in the Philippines free, US, Canada, UK, Australia

I was traveling from Manila to my hometown when I saw a tarpaulin in a restaurant promoting the Donaire vs Rigondaeaux fight Saturday, and Friday morning here in the Philippines. Of course this is not a fight tantamount to Manny Pacquiao but the interest of the boxing fans is to see their fellow Filipino in the boxing ring through television.

Nonito Donaire captured the attention of the whole world when he gained recognition as the Fighter of the Year for 2012 because of his four victories that even a complex mind cannot be grasp. The Filipino Flash will have his first fight of the year and that he must make the noise to climb higher in the rankings of the best pound-for-pound. Donaired is a four division world champion and his identity of course from other different boxers.

Donaire has the ability to succumb Rigondeaux by using his combination punches. Though he can throw power punches also, Donaire style is not that of trouncing his opponent in a shot but he slowly punishes his enemy by combinations. The Filipino American boxer knows also how to pace himself for a better opportunity in the next round. But in his fight agaisnt Fernando Montiel, Hernan Marquez, and Vic Darchinyan, he displayed his left hook that devastated them. He can throw punches in different angles and that he can aggressively knock out Rigo in just a matter of seconds.

Rigondeaux has the arsenal that can thwart the punches of Donaire. He is known to be a tough counter puncher and that he can withstand any punch thrown against him. A conventional way of fighting from the southpaw taking shots at the opponent's weakness.

How to watch Donaire vs Rigondeaux boxing fight in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia? Well, the Donaire vs Rigondeaux fight can be seen through Pay-per-view in this locations.

How about the Donaire vs Rigondeaux fight in the Philippines? As I mentioned in my previous posts, Philippines is a country that a boxing fight can be watched. In my experience in the past Pacquiao fights, I was with my friends in SM just to see it unfold. However, because of the upcoming election in the Philippines, there's not a doubt at all that municipal towns will have their own public viewing in gyms, movie theater, and even in a basketball court open to the barangay.

Furthermore, Pay-Per-View is also available here for the Donaire vs Rigondeaux. Watching in a private convention hall would be interesting. Surely, the way to watch Donaire is not that hard. The delayed telecast might be shown on GMA tv or ABS-CBN. Though this is not a comfortable way to watch the fight because of the delay and so many advertisements.

One thing for sure, never open your cellphones, laptops, pcs, or tablets so that you will be excited to watch the Donaire vs Rigondeaux boxing fight. Opening your gadgets runs the risk of knowing the result of the fight in case you want to watch it in a delay basis.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Viloria vs Estrada Fight Time: WBO Flyweight Championship, Watch it or not?

Not happy about the news that Manny Pacquiao will be fighting in September. That's still a long way. I am not used of seeing Pacquiao for only a fight this year. Usually, Pacquiao has two fights in a year until 2013 when his camp decided to rest him more after the disappointing two consecutive defeats last year, most notably of that Morales fight.

While the 2013 Philippine Election might have affected Pacquiao's preparation for another fight as he again is running for a seat in the government. Even his wife Jinkee Pacquiao is running?

Goodbye Manny for now. What about "The Hawaiian Punch" Bryan Viloria vs Juan Francisco Estrada this April 6? Aside from Pacquiao and Donaire, the third name to be considered currently in the Philippine households is Viloria. Though he is from Hawaii, he is a Filipino. Viloria will be in the spotlight as he fights Estrada in China. Yes, this is the best fight in April as many waits for the Mayweather vs Guerrero. Why wait when we can have this fight on Saturday.

WBA/WBO flyweight titleholder Viloria will have all the means to overwhelm Estrada. However, this is not a pushover fight in favor of Vilora because Estrada has the skills and flexibility to match the speed and power of the Hawaiian.  Thus, it is a toss up match in my opinion.

How to watch Viloria vs Estrada in the Philippines? This is yet again a question to be ask like me who lives in the Philippines. I will update you about this question for I couldn't answer for now. But if you have a cable tv, just try checking on the Solar Sports. It might be also be on ABS-CBN or GMA.

What about the Viloria vs Juan Francisco Estrada fight time?  Viloria vs Estrada will be broadcast on HBO2 Saturday April 6 2:00 PM ET.

Monday, April 1, 2013

When is the Final Four 2013: Date, Time, Location, and complete schedule?

The Lengthen Season is Over that an ample of time for me to watch the NCAA Basketball tournament. Without writing in many days because of my final exams, here am I ready to tackle the Final Four Schedule. The first question to be asked would be, When is the Final Four? It doesn't start tonight and tomorrow but on Saturday, April 6. What are the teams left in the NCAA Tournament? From 68 to 64, Four teams left will be in the gigantic matches that will settle who will play in the NCAA National Championship Game a week from now. Wichita State vs Louisville Final Four Schedule April 6, 6:09 PM, TV Schedule is on CBS, Georgia Dome Dissecting the first game is not easy at all especially that Wichita State is unpredictable. The Shockers defeated Gonzaga and Ohio State, teams that are supposed to be here. What makes this game interesting is the fact that Wichita State is the Cinderella team in the NcAA Tournament 2013. Louisville has always been at the radar and that the Cardinals are expected to be here. What's the deal? On paper, this is a David vs Goliath. Great for the Shockers if they are dubbed as David for David defeated Goliath. Can the same be applicable here? Syracuse vs Michigan Final Four Schedule April 6, 8:49 PM, TV Schedule is on CBS, Georgia Dome The other set of the Final Four 2013 is the Orange vs Wolverines game. Both teams are in Big Conferences and both are capable of taking care of the business. Syracuse Orange will try to get another ring since 2003 when the mighty Syracuse led by Carmelo Anthony won the National title. However, it will not be that easy game for the Orange as the Wolverines are hungry to enter into the next level. The Wolverines are back in the Final Four since 1993, a long wait. Wolverines hunger for the game will likely be the motivating force to be in the championship game.