Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 15 NFL Schedule: Games to Watch

As the playoff approaches, here are the NFL games to watch: 1. New England Patriots vs SF 49ers - battle of offense vs defense. Tom Brady vs Colin Kaepernick as the two opposing quarterbacks.

 2. Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens - Peyton Manning will be focused to push the Broncos to a better position in the playoffs. The Ravens are just in a stagnant position that this game is a must.

 3. NY Giants vs Atlanta Falcons - Falcons coming back from a loss to the Panthers while NY Giants will try to move away of the chasers.

 4. Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears - A rivalry game that has intensive playoff implications. The Packers are back in the driverseat while Chicago struggles.

 6. Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans - positioning in the playoffs is very important. Texans need to win to have a bye in the first round, the Colts try to sneak in.

 7. Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys - goodbye to the loser. A must win for both ballclubs.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

BCS Bowl Games 2012 Schedule: When is the Alabama and Notre Dame Playing?

The hype of the BCS Bowl Games for 2012 and 2013 continues to intensify. With few more days, the football battle is about to begin. However, the cream of the crops of the college football are the BCS Games which includes the BCS National Championship of Alabama and Notre Dame.

Let's take a look at the Five BCS Games

Alabama vs Notre Dame -BCS Championship Miami Florida, January  7, 2013

This is about the best team in the SEC and the undefeated team in college football. Alabama Crimson Tide are just lucky to be here as other teams collapsed at the end of the schedule. Meanwhile, Notre Dame Fighting Irish deserve to be here because they are the only squad without a loss. Winning all their games allowed them to be in the BCS Title game. Both teams are almost identical in offense and defense yet many experts put their bet on the Crimson Tide to win.

Oregon vs Kansas State - Fiesta Bowl - Glendale, AZ January 3, 2013

Call it the offensive football game. Oregon and Kansas State were in No 1 and No 2 in the BCS Standings with three more weeks to finish it off. However, they were beaten in separate games badly that they have to settle for the Fiesta Bowl. Oregon is not even the Pac 12 winner while Kansas State is the Big 12 winner.

Louisville vs Florida - Sugar Bowl - New Orleans LA, January 2, 2012

This is a mismatch in the making. Florida Gators ranked third in the Final BCS Standings that they are capaple of overpowering the Big East Champion Louisville. It is significant for the Gators to be this strong because they are in the SEC losing only to Georgia. If not for a perfect Notre Dame, there might be a showdown in the BCS Championship with Alabama.

Wisconsin vs Stanford - Orange Bowl - Pasadena, CA, January 1, 2013

The Big Ten Champion vs the Pac 12 Champion. This is a tradition but the best in Big Ten didn't represent the conference this time because of ineligibility. Ohio State had a perfect record and Penn State had a better record than Wisconsin. However, these two teams were banned from postseason that Wisconsin was the representative to face Nebraska in the Big 10 Championship. Wisconsin won that game.

Northern Illinois vs Florida State - Orange Bowl - Miami FL, January 1, 2012

Florida State is the ACC Champion while Northern Illinois comes from a non-BCS conference. Northern Illinois is the surprising team that entered in the BCS Games. Florida State has all the advantage for this series and that they can overwhelm Northern Illinois.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why the Patriots will beat the 49ers?

It's December and the New England Patriots are immovable force at home in Foxborough. After dismantling what was considered the best team in the NFL, Houston Texans, the Patriots became the conversation of taking the top spot in the AFC.

Reasons why the Patriots will win:

1. Tom Brady is in control - The best quarterback in the last decade will again show forth what he got in December. Brady is a winner in the month of December and he can inch himself closer of winning yet another MVP. With a balance offense and great receivers, Brady will take care of the offense of the Patriots that can overpower the vaunted defense of the San Francisco 49ers.

2. Patriots defense - The improvement from last season is being felt in the NFL. Coach Bill Belichik's defense can stop other opponents offense especially the run. Patriots will have an answer for running back Frank Gore. The pressuring of the quarterback will be employed in the Patriots defense and that they will eventually alter the mindset of San Francisco's offense.

3. Playing at Home - New England hasn't lose a game in Foxborough for a while. The cool weather will affect the 49ers approach of the game that they will be prone to errors. In this matter, the Patriots will take advantage of the fact that they have thousands of fans and that they are used of playing in this weather condition.

It will be a difficult road game for the San Francisco 49ers. If they can stop Brady, then the will have a chance. Another part is that the 49ers must be able to score.

Lakers Five Reasons of Not Getting into the playoffs

The most popular basketball franchise,  Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA with a winning tradition,  is in disarray as they suffered yet another defeat, in the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Lakers record is now at 9-13 passing a quarter of the season already.

1. Coaching change - What an unwise decision for Lakers management to fire a defensive coach Mike Brown and eventually land an offensive coach Mike D'Antoni. In basketball, defense is better than offense, which is proven in winning championships. The coaching change affected the Lakers mindset and that it is a bad choice.

2. Aging legs - Coach Mike D'Antoni installed a system that was so effective in 2005-2008 with the right players. Surely, the high octane offense of D'Antoni fits then the younger Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Jason Richardson, and even Boris Diaw.  What about the Lakers roster? Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Metta World Peace, and Pau Gasol? All these stars are out of their prime. How can you run a fast pace offense with old legs that can easily get tired.

3. The use of Kobe Bryant - He is the main man for the Lakers, taking too much shots. He is the to scorer in the NBA as of the moment. He scored 42 points last night against the Cavaliers but he is not making his team better. He took to much shots. The problem is that he can do whatever he wants even with so many missed shots and turnovers.

4. Dwight Howard freethrow shooting - How can he be a reliable scorer at the stretch when he couldn't make free throws? The opponents intentionally foul him when the game is on the line. Because of Howard's inability to make freethrows, Kobe is taking all into his hands.

5. Pau Gasol's role - the Spaniard is not a fit to the system of D'Antoni. His strength is not being maximized at all. He is supposed to be at the low post not taking long jump shots.

The Lakers will not get into the playoffs unless they get together as soon as possible.