Sunday, February 24, 2013

Daytona 500: Danica Patrick will win?

Daytona 500: Danica Patrick will win? Improbable. Impossible. Against all odds. Whatever that words that can describe how will Danica Patrick subdue his opponents in the Daytona 500 which is about to start. The face of will have to do have an extraordinary day to grab the prestigious title. Yes, it is historic that she will be the first in the pole of drivers. Patrick knows that it is a long shot for her to win it all that everything is possible. The fact that she became the first woman to lead in the 2005 in the Indy 500, it is clear in her mind that she can do that also in the Daytona 500. A woman in the midst of a man's game will be just exciting that it transfix the minds and even eyes of the spectators. Patrick will be the apple of the eye of millions of people that will ever watch Daytona 500. Her name will be probably mentioned more than her competitors. However, her name will be etched in the Daytona 500 history if she will pull the miracle. I am for Danica Patrick to muscle up against other drivers.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Petron vs Ginebra: Results, Highlights, Balkman was tough

Renato Balkman delivered a magnificent performance by having 34 points and 10 rebounds to help the Petron Blaze Boosters to defeat Barangay Ginebra, 105-90, Sunday night.

 Balkman showed his ability to leap as he drilled in several dunks to derail the defense of Ginebra. He also had two blocks to intensify the defense of the Blaze Boosters as Ginebra couldn't find ways to stay close before the fourth quarter.

 Petron Blaze never looked back after the third quarter when they posted a 86-63 lead that put the dagger when Joseph Yeo scored a triple at the buzzer. It was a big lead for Petron that Ginebra couldn't get back into as they tried to cut that deficit into 13. However, Barangay Ginebra were running out of time to complete a rally as the Boosters stood hard not to give up the advantage.

 Mark Caguioa scored 24 points for Barangay Ginebra while Tenorio had 19 points. It was difficult for Ginebra to get back into the game because of the tight defense of Petron. Though Ginebra tried their best in scoring, still it was not enough. Fajardo was consistent in the game scoring 18 points.

 Adding up to the offense of Petron was Washington who scored 14 points. Because of Ginebra's loss, the team is in a deep hole with a 0-3 start. Meanwhile, Petron continues to be one of the favorites in this conference.

Yes, PBA will always be dramatic with Barangay Ginebra catching up in the future, but this game was totally dominated by Petron.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Super Bowl 2013: How the Ravens withstand 49ers rally?

Just Super Bowl afterthoughts. One of the best Super Bowl games in the last ten years as the Baltimore Ravens defeated San Francisco 49ers, 34-31. Yes, the Ravens realized the dream that they had and that they reached it.

Why the Ravens won?

1. Offense - To have a scintillating 21-6 half-time lead, the Ravens showed that they have the offense that was overlooked by their previous opponents like the Colts, Broncos, and Patriots.

2. Jacoby Jones - What about that 56 yard touchdown acrobatic reception in the second quarter and the 108 yard kick off return? Many believed that Jones should have been the Super Bowl MVP. He altered the ocomplexion of the game and that the Ravens seemed put the dagger.

3. Joe Flacco - He was poised especially that third-and-1 play pass to Anquan Boldin that ended into a field goal with 4:19 left to have the lead 34-29.

4. Baltimore Defense- When the Ravens needed the stop against the raging offense of the 49ers, they did it. Stopping the 49ers from scoring in their five yard line was the decisive possession.

5. John Harbaugh - He made the call for a safety with 11 seconds remaining instead of a kick off return to kill the time.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl 47: 49ers vs Ravens Preview

Super Bowl 47: 49ers vs Ravens Even later than 20 weeks of the games of NFL, players may still turn their year along with a big presentation in the game of Super Bowl. In sort for the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers to reach this particular point, they had to have gotten bounty of big-time presentations from a lot of key players. On the other hand, the schedule still comprises some guys who have struggled all through the game season. These men can transform the story of the complete game season with a good performance in the game of Super Bowl. In the entire likelihood, these kinds of matches would be required to win on the Sunday. The veteran tackle used up a lot of the regular game season on the counter as Michael Oher was the only in charge of defending blindside of Joe Flacco. On the other hand, the Ravens complete an important transform late in the year by including Bryant McKinnie back into the schedule at left tackle and shifting Oher to the correct side. Even as he has performed well thus far, there is the main reason he didn’t have the spot the entire game season. He is extremely inconsistent and has a routine of losing focus on definite plays. This would not be perfect with both Aldon Smith and Justin Smith on his side. He requires to someway blocking this duo in sort to permit the quarterback time to fling the game ball down the ground. This is very tough to suppose Randy Moss to be the similar player he inured to be now that he is 35 years aged. On the other hand, 49ers require somebody else to increase at broad receiver. Michael Crabtree has been the attend player all through the game season for both Colin Kaepernick and Alex Smith at the quarterback. This is good at the first, but the defense would begin to key on him finally. At that particular point, Kaepernick would require anywhere else to throw the game ball. Moss has performed superior lately, but he has still just topped total 50 receiving yards in the game once this game season. He has not trapped more than three game passes as grabbing four in the 1st Week. The veteran requires being the bigger part of this match and building the grip catches to assist his squad put up points next to this hard defense. Not like others on this record, Terrell Suggs has a reason for his meager play. He hurt his Achilles throughout the off game season and was doubtful to play at all in the 2012. That is as a minimum until he rushed himself rear to the ground and join the squad in the 7th Week. As then, he did small in the regular game season to remind persons of Suggs of old. He completed with just two sacks later than totaling 14 before a year. His total number of tackles plunged from 70 to just 22. On the other hand, he was a total monster in the triumph over the Denver Broncos along with 10 unaccompanied tackles, just two sacks and the forced shuffle. He even performed fine in the game of AFC Championship.

How to watch Super Bowl 47 in the Philippines?

How to watch Super Bowl 47 in the Philippines? For the NFL enthusiasts like me in the Philippines, it's going to be Super Monday not Super Sunday.

Though this is not the major sports in this country, many are still watching it. Few hours from now the Ravens vs 49ers will have their prestigious game. It's glad to take into consideration also that in the Philippines, the Super Bowl 2013 live is not at at prime time. Super Bowl 2013 starts here at 7:30 AM Philippine time. Not the the amenable time for at this moment people are on the road going to school or work. However, I am able to watch Super Bowl 2013 live because my first subject at school is 12:30. Yes, enough time to see who will win the Super Bowl 2013.

 What channel is the Super Bowl 2013 in the Philippines? Or take this question, how to watch Super Bowl 2013 in the PHilippines? In one of the sports station here through cable of course, the Super Bowl 2013 is going to be covered. Yes Super Bowl 2013 live is on ESPN Philippines.