Monday, March 11, 2013

How to watch Mayweather vs Guerrero boxing fight in the Philippines?

How to watch Mayweather vs Guerrero boxing fight in the Philippines?

Not a Manny Pacquiao fight. Are you going to watch the Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero fight?

Filipinos love boxing that even the times when Pacquiao was not a household or national name they watch boxing and enjoyed it. According to my uncles, they followed the fights of Hugler and Sugar Ray Leonard in the 80's. During those days few people owned televisions that a house was jampack coming from their neighbors to see the fight. Most of the televisions were black and white and yet they managed to love the fights.

Here comes the dominance of Mike Tyson in the heavyweight division. Back in those days told by my relatives, the feed was supposed to be live via satellite in the Mike Tyson vs Michael Sphinks fight in 1988. Though the telecast was too much delayed because of the 91 seconds knock out.

In the 90's there were already cable channels that brought boxing events in the country. Colored televisions were already available while almost of our countrymen have their own tv at home. Because few fights were promoted in a year, the Filipinos continued to follow sports.

Late 90's when Manny Pacquiao started to get notice. Thus, we were aware about him as he won fights that not only in the houses that it is being watched.  Pacquiao brought awareness that boxing became a passion.

In a our town in Binalonan, Pangasinan, all the Pacquiao's fight were being watched at the Binalonan Gymnasium live in a big screen for free. Though if a group wanted to see it for themselves alone, they would be in the Rupertos Inland Resort.

The previous defeats of Pacquiao tamed the interest of Filipinos in the Mayweather and Guerrero fight. Most probably they will not be bothered to watch it. Because of the desire to see Mayweather, a possible opponent of Pacquiao in the future, they will hook up on their televisions just to see it.

How to watch Mayweather vs Guerrero boxing fight in the Philippines? Pay-per-view is already available in some of the major cities of the country. In Metro Manila, the cable providers have the capability to offer through PPV. Though SM provided the Pacquiao fights, I do not know if it is available in this Mayweather vs Guerrero boxing fight. One of the major local channels will certainly be the carrier of the fight, ABS-CBN, GMA, and TV5.

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