Monday, May 20, 2013

Pacers vs Heat: Five Keys for Indiana over Miami, How to watch Easter Conference Finals 2013?

A mismatch? All experts believe that Miami is the big favorite in winning the Eastern Conference Finals over the Indiana Pacers. On paper alone, the Heat have the advantage aside from the experience which is intangible.

With all the eyes pointing to the victory of the Heat, the word "upset" cannot be erased as the Pacers have the momentum to be great. In the Semifinal round, the Pacers trampled down the heavily favored New York Knicks in six games. Pacers showed force that can have its way against the NBA defending Champion Miami.

There's a slim chance of possibility for the Pacers to upset the Heat. Let's look at some of the factors for the Pacers to be in the NBA Finals.

1. Contain LeBron James - Easier said than done. No team can stop James but to contain him is another story. Not allowing James to maximize his potential will keep the Pacers within reach. This means that the defensive scheme must be to destruct James in everytime he shoots. A low percentage in the fieldgoal category will mean a success for Indiana's defense.

2. Eliminate the outside shooting of Miami - Never allow Ray Allen, Shane Battier, and even Mario Chalmers to have good looks outside the arc.

3. Control the boards - With James and the outside shooting awful, the rebounding department must be in the side of the Pacers.  An all out effort from David West and Roy Hibbert to fight for every miss shots against Chris Anderson, Chris Bosh and even James.

4. Fluid offense - the first three keys have to do with the defense. The next big thing for the Pacers to have a shot of dispatching the Heat is to have the offensive display that even the defense of the Heat cannot negate. What about an explosive series for Lance Stephenson and Roy Hibbert?

5. Stay within distance until the last two minutes - Allowing themselves to have an opportunity to steal games in the final two minutes of each game will be crucial. Sometimes the Heat couldn't deliver when the game is on the line. How about making each game decided in the final minutes?

Pacers vs Heat tv coverage in the Philippines is on ABS-CBN Network. In the United States, it will always be on TNT, ESPN and ABC.

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