Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What's the future of the Lakers?

The Los Angeles Lakers are declining as the star players are aging. For three consecutive years, the Lakers exited in a 0-4 fashion, this time in the first r ound. It's not helping for the Lakers as Kobe Bryant is in the latter part of his career and the experiment of acquiring Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to enchance the chances didn't work at all.

Let's take first the problem of the Lakers with Nash and Howard season.

1. Early injury for Howard - Dwight Howard didn't play in the preaseason and that the Lakers were into a bad start. It took the second half for Howard to find his place.

2. The acquisition of Mike D'Antoni  - Not a wise decision for the Lakers management. D'Antoni was not the right person to coach a team with caliber as the roster of the Lakers.

3. Injury of Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, and Metta World Peace - Unfathomable but the age factor caught on the Lakers.

4. Pau Gasol's role - Never forget about Gasol's desire to be a part of this team as D'Antoni wanted run-and-gone offense at one time.

5. Kobe Bryant injury - This was big. If he was healthy, the Lakers should have fough strong against the San Antonio Spurs.

Let's think about what the Lakers can do:

1. Keep Dwight Howard - He is the future of this team and he must be kept. It is up to Mitch Kupchak to persuade Howard to play again not for a year but for five years worth $118 million.

2. Rehire Phil Jackson - Who can handle a star like Howard but Phil Jackson. Probably the Lakers will hire Jackson first so that Howard will stay. D'Antoni will not lead the Lakers into a championship.

3. Get some young players - The roster is old and that new players must be injected. Think about the Spurs, they have new players for Duncan to rest.

4. What to do with Kobe Bryant? - Kobe's time with the Lakers is over. Give up Kobe for a new blood of players to help Howard for the Lakers. Not a great suggestion but Howard will not flourish if Kobe is the leader.

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