Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Why the Patriots will beat the 49ers?

It's December and the New England Patriots are immovable force at home in Foxborough. After dismantling what was considered the best team in the NFL, Houston Texans, the Patriots became the conversation of taking the top spot in the AFC.

Reasons why the Patriots will win:

1. Tom Brady is in control - The best quarterback in the last decade will again show forth what he got in December. Brady is a winner in the month of December and he can inch himself closer of winning yet another MVP. With a balance offense and great receivers, Brady will take care of the offense of the Patriots that can overpower the vaunted defense of the San Francisco 49ers.

2. Patriots defense - The improvement from last season is being felt in the NFL. Coach Bill Belichik's defense can stop other opponents offense especially the run. Patriots will have an answer for running back Frank Gore. The pressuring of the quarterback will be employed in the Patriots defense and that they will eventually alter the mindset of San Francisco's offense.

3. Playing at Home - New England hasn't lose a game in Foxborough for a while. The cool weather will affect the 49ers approach of the game that they will be prone to errors. In this matter, the Patriots will take advantage of the fact that they have thousands of fans and that they are used of playing in this weather condition.

It will be a difficult road game for the San Francisco 49ers. If they can stop Brady, then the will have a chance. Another part is that the 49ers must be able to score.

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