Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week 15 NFL Schedule: Games to Watch

As the playoff approaches, here are the NFL games to watch: 1. New England Patriots vs SF 49ers - battle of offense vs defense. Tom Brady vs Colin Kaepernick as the two opposing quarterbacks.

 2. Denver Broncos vs Baltimore Ravens - Peyton Manning will be focused to push the Broncos to a better position in the playoffs. The Ravens are just in a stagnant position that this game is a must.

 3. NY Giants vs Atlanta Falcons - Falcons coming back from a loss to the Panthers while NY Giants will try to move away of the chasers.

 4. Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears - A rivalry game that has intensive playoff implications. The Packers are back in the driverseat while Chicago struggles.

 6. Indianapolis Colts vs Houston Texans - positioning in the playoffs is very important. Texans need to win to have a bye in the first round, the Colts try to sneak in.

 7. Pittsburgh Steelers vs Dallas Cowboys - goodbye to the loser. A must win for both ballclubs.

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