Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lakers Five Reasons of Not Getting into the playoffs

The most popular basketball franchise,  Los Angeles Lakers in the NBA with a winning tradition,  is in disarray as they suffered yet another defeat, in the hands of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Lakers record is now at 9-13 passing a quarter of the season already.

1. Coaching change - What an unwise decision for Lakers management to fire a defensive coach Mike Brown and eventually land an offensive coach Mike D'Antoni. In basketball, defense is better than offense, which is proven in winning championships. The coaching change affected the Lakers mindset and that it is a bad choice.

2. Aging legs - Coach Mike D'Antoni installed a system that was so effective in 2005-2008 with the right players. Surely, the high octane offense of D'Antoni fits then the younger Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Jason Richardson, and even Boris Diaw.  What about the Lakers roster? Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Metta World Peace, and Pau Gasol? All these stars are out of their prime. How can you run a fast pace offense with old legs that can easily get tired.

3. The use of Kobe Bryant - He is the main man for the Lakers, taking too much shots. He is the to scorer in the NBA as of the moment. He scored 42 points last night against the Cavaliers but he is not making his team better. He took to much shots. The problem is that he can do whatever he wants even with so many missed shots and turnovers.

4. Dwight Howard freethrow shooting - How can he be a reliable scorer at the stretch when he couldn't make free throws? The opponents intentionally foul him when the game is on the line. Because of Howard's inability to make freethrows, Kobe is taking all into his hands.

5. Pau Gasol's role - the Spaniard is not a fit to the system of D'Antoni. His strength is not being maximized at all. He is supposed to be at the low post not taking long jump shots.

The Lakers will not get into the playoffs unless they get together as soon as possible.

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